About Me – Ashley Elizabeth Sullivan


Hey, hey!! I’m Ashley Sullivan! I’m a newly widowed mommy to 4 sweet baby girls, all under 4! 

For years I struggled to maintain growth in my businesses and network marketing company.

Then I discovered attraction marketing – a simple and unique way to attract clients and prospects to me on auto-pilot! 

It helped me get from spammy social media posts, to utilizing the internet fo the powerhouse it truly is!

Now I can enjoy life, my family, and my work all while helping others to do the same!


5 years ago I graduated from college only to decide to never use my degree in a traditional job. Instead, I begin network marketing shortly after getting married. I loved the concept and foundation but STRUGGLED to grow. Switched company’s and fell in love all over again! I grew more quickly but still struggled for sustainable growth from traditional, in person methods.

So I began to hunt for a better solution for the profession I loved. All while fitting in the home classes, lunch dates, and looong drives to help my team prospect.

Just when I was figuring out the solution, my husband died suddenly in a plane crash while we were missionaries in Guatemala. I realized how precious life is and that I canNOT waste it with traditional methods again. Because running around like a chicken with its head cut off never helped anyone.

I needed a plan and a purpose because I was NEVER going to waste time with my family again.

So now I build my business almost exclusively online. No driving 4 hours one way to teach classes, no leaving my kids with a sitter for a “no show”, no frantically cleaning my house for a lunch date. 

I’m done with all of that and you can be too!

Now I work around whatever I want – my kids school and therapy schedules, volunteer work, VACATIONS. #bless  I and my team finally have the flexibility and time freedom we’ve always worked so hard to achieve.