How to Grow Your Team Without Product Pushing to Recruit More People! – Ashley Elizabeth Sullivan

How to Grow Your Team Without Product Pushing to Recruit More People!

I used to dream about being successful in network marketing…

Half the time I believed it could happen. Half the time I lived in doubt and insecurities.

I reached a turning point one morning when I shattered a bottle of olive oil all over my kitchen floor.

I was stressed, overworked, and beyond exhausted. Another late night sending out product and business invitations had set me on edge.

Moving around quickly to feed my kids, I swiped the tall glass bottle with my arms.

Time stood still as it shattered everywhere.

I sat back and cried.

I really just wanted a simple and quick morning so that I could get them in front of the TV so I could keep pushing out invitations.

My three year old saw me crying and came running.

She whispered “Iss Otay, mama” as she wiped my tears.

Her sweet reassurance nagged me.

Would it REALLY be okay?

But how?

Most of what I’d been taught about prospecting and recruiting didn’t work. At least not for very long.

How could I be a mom and network marketer at the same time?

I just felt like an irritated and desperate witch most days.

I burned through my warm market in a matter of months.

I grew some but repelled a LOT of people. For instance, I have:

  1. Messaged strangers and throw my link in there “just in case”.
  2. Had people ignore and angrily reply to my messages and comments. Thankfully I’ve never been reported as a spammer.
  3. Posted my link in other people’s posts.
  4. Constantly talked about my products or opportunities to all the people that don’t care.
  5. Messaged a thousand people to “start conversations” but really all I wanted was to bring up my product or opportunity. Then I got overwhelmed with the message juggling and shut down and forgot to talk to them.

While my intentions were pure, and so were my upline’s, I basically turned myself into a human spam bot.

All at the expense of my family.

Now we all know that network marketing is all about time and place.

But that morning as I knelt over the thick green oil, I knew I was missing something.

I was missing the “attraction” part of marketing. Or rather, I was attracting the wrong people with the wrong message.

At first all my messages were pure spam. You can see that below.

I cringe looking at those again. Rookie mistakes.

I hate getting those messages myself, so why was I losing sleep at night to send them to other sweet people who hated them also??

But that night I’ve learned the key to successful networking.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt

My messages were weak attempts at showing people what I knew more than how I cared.

While I genuinely cared about them, it didn’t show in my conversations with them.

As my friend Ferny Ceballos says,

“[It’s] not about tricking people or finding the right copy/paste FB messages to send to strangers.

It’s about actually caring about people, becoming a person of value, and being someone uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems!”

The last part is so important: “uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.”

How are you different from all the desperate distributors out there?

You have God-given gifts and talents that make you unique so that you can help people where they are.

Let me use myself as an example.

As a new widow, I bring fresh perspective, hope for healing, and encouragement to those in the boat of grief.

As a mom of four under four, I bring the wisdom from walking through the motherhood journey FAST.

As a business woman, I bring encouragement, training, and systems to help my team plug in and go.

You may offer similar things, or completely different things to the table.

But they are YOUR gifts and talents.

If you don’t bring those to your prospecting, you won’t go very far.

I’m not saying traditional online or in person prospecting doesn’t work. Because it most certainly does.

There are even successful people who do those five things daily.

But the masters aren’t copy and pasting messages because they’ve spent time learning the skills to show people “how much they care.”

They take their gifts and talents, polish them with some skills, and serve those around them.

Understanding that is what changed everything for me.

Once I stopped prospecting, my business started growing.

Life has been so relaxing since then.

It’s been so exciting.

I stopped seeing dollar signs when I went out with people.

I make friends because I want to not because I have to.

I talk to people because I care about them.

I no longer think about prospecting.

Serving people in similar life stages has been so life giving.

There’s purpose instead of spammy prospecting.

It’s such a joy filled way to live. Without a hidden agenda. Without having to worry about what my upline taught and wondering if I was going to miss rank because I wasn’t listening.

You’re probably wondering how on earth this is possible? How can you grow a team without recruiting and without being spammy?

There are people who do it all traditionally and don’t mind getting yelled at provided they get that one ‘yes’.

However, that isn’t for me.

After Nicole wiped away my tears, I set about learning the skills needed to do prospecting online the right way.

I was DONE losing sleep over spam.

Generally, the main problem with prospecting, as typically taught, is getting people to do what YOU want them to do.

Um, no thank you.

I’m not perfect by any means and I’m still working on mastering the skill.

But the reason I could stop feeling spammy was because I was able to implement a strategy to bring people to me.

I get to recruit people while having fun with my playing with my kiddos.

Thus why I didn’t care about whether I talked to people in person or not.

So I traded my hours of being a spam bot with learning how to leverage Facebook and other networks’ ad platforms to help me attract only the people that are most interested in what I have to offer.

I can wake up with leads instead of charging forward with the common spammy social posts that got me nowhere.

See if our businesses require TONS of time on social media – sending DM’s and commenting on people’s posts – then that’s not actually internet marketing.

What is it exactly? Well Ferny breaks it down really easily for us.

“Internet marketing is a passive strategy which works, even when you are not.”

So if you’re ready to learn how to implement attraction marketing to create passive systems for yourself to grow your team, then click to get access to our free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

There you’ll learn what I, and so many others have learned and implemented to build their own networking empires.

Let’s be honest, knowledge without action gets us nowhere.

Nowhere is the LAST place we want to be in our businesses.

After you grab our bootcamp to get you rocking and rolling, you’ll also learn about my favorite book “Attraction Marketing Formula” by Ferny which explains all the nuts and bolts of recruiting and selling passively.

It was such a game changer for me.

I LOVE the passive strategies so that I can build a business without feeling icky talking to people and make new memories with my sweet kiddos.

Ready to dive in with me??




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